5 Innovative Applications of Augmented Reality

Innovative Applications of Augmented Reality

Layering digital content into our real-world environments is highly entertaining and can be beneficial in many ways. There are many innovative applications of AR technology that go beyond simply entertaining users, some of which we have outlined below:


Design & Modelling

AR is helping professionals visualise their final products during the creative process, from interior design to architecture and construction. The use of headsets allows architects, engineers, and designers to step directly into their buildings and spaces to see how their designs might look, and even make virtual changes in real-time. Urban planners can even model how entire city layouts might look using just AR headset visualization. Design and modelling jobs that involve spatial relationships are a perfect use case for AR tech.

Design & Modelling with Augmented Reality Technology

U.S. Army

With the use of AR technology, the United States Army is providing soldiers with improved situation awareness. This technology, named Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR), is fundamentally an eye piece that helps soldiers to identify their positions, as-well-as locating others. TAR also enables soldiers to see in the dark and will eventually replace night-vision goggles, view the video here.


When having our blood drawn, it is common practice to see your doctor or nurse tap an area with their fingers to attempt to bring veins into clear view. AccuVein is an innovative tool that assists healthcare professionals by using AR to locate veins in the body and illuminates a map of all the peripheral veins onto the surface of your skin.

AccuVein – Augmented Reality Technology offers X-ray type Vision

Fighting Forest Fires

To help fight against summer forest fires, Cal Fire, a Californian agency, developed a tool known as Simtable. The device applies AR technology to help firefighters understand how fires may grow and travel by projecting information that helps to plan ahead when attacking forest fires.


To help their businesses become more efficient, shipping companies have deployed the use of Vision Picking. Vision Picking uses AR technology to help company giants such as DHL ensure their entire business processes are working efficiently by helping employees to locate items and place them in appropriate sections for storage or removal. 

Vision Picking Technology improved with the use of AR


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