Where Augmented & Virtual Reality Get Down To Business

About: ARVR Innovate was one of the first events of its type to be organised in Europe. Its focus from the outset has been on the commercial and business case for augmented and virtual reality. The typical attendee for this conference are CIO and Innovation team leaders in organisations who want to gain a competitive edge in terms of productivity and/or customer engagement.

This has helped it establish a strong reputation both in Ireland and internationally.

 ARVR Innovate has a unique focus on AR and VR as emerging technologies. We organise one conference per year with an independently curated agenda. ARVR Innovate has been named as one of the top AR and VR events in the world.

From The Beginning

Since its founding in 2014, the aim of the conference has been to promote the capabilities and use of AR and VR, by spreading awareness of these developing technologies and encouraging the growth of the sector. ARVR Innovate provides a platform for practitioners to showcase their work and to come together with others interested in this growing industry. It has also been heralded for helping bring attention to the Irish AR and VR sectors.

ARVR Innovate has a proven track record in attracting global speakers of the highest calibre.

Past speakers have included Don Levy of Smith Brook Farm, Jian Gu from Alibaba, Jan Pfleuger from Audi, Google Earth’s Dave Lorenzini, Ryan Mensches of Microsoft, global mobile phone expert Tomi Ahonen, and leading  investors in AR and VR such as Barry Downes of Suir Valley Ventures and Helen McBreen of Atlantic Bridge.

ARVR Innovate Attendees

Attendees come from a wide variety of backgrounds but they are generally innovators. They are the people interested in augmented and virtual reality and the capabilities provided by these fast developing technologies. They want to learn more, to see what others are doing in this space, meet practitioners, network and build professional relationships and to find companies to do business with or to invest in.

From a professional profile perspective they include C-suite executives, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers, sales, IT management, civil service and government. All from a variety of sectors.

ARVR Innovate 2022 will take place on Thursday, May 12th. 


Some of the companies that attended ARVR Innovate.