The Voice of the Immersive Sector in Ireland – intends to position the country as a global player in the Immersive Tech sector by connecting the our thriving high growth, hi-tech and startup ecosystem with our thriving AR & VR sectors. In addition it aims to support and enable Ireland’s innovative immersive technology businesses to be ground- breaking and game changing world leaders in innovation and R&D.

A recent report produced by Eirmersive on The Irish Immersive Economy commissioned by the Immersive Technologies Skillnet, Animation Skillnet and Screen Skillnet, promoted by Dublin Business lnnovation Centre (DBIC), and prepared by Eirmersive & Pivotal Edtech, found that the Irish Immersive Technology sector is worth over €43 million, with huge future potential, and employs over 750 people in Ireland. “It is a well connected, thriving, and outward looking sector ready to take up a global opportunity”. Irish immersive businesses are exporting to Europe and internationally.

The full report is available here: https://www.skillnetireland.ie/new-research-highlights-growing-potential-of-irish-immersive-technology-industry/

The report found that there is a vibrant immersive ecosystem in Dublin with hot spots growing around regional activity. There are clusters of excellence and innovation emerging across Ireland in established and new tech and research hubs. “These clusters have the potential to unlock much needed support for this nascent immersive tech sector, driving greater connectivity between businesses and sectors and in turn fuelling new innovation and R&D.”

In addition to in-house research in large technology firms, there are a number of research groups specialising in immersive technologies in third level institutions, particularly in Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

Despite the vibrant ecosystem there are of course challenges in the sector. A shortage of skilled people, difficulty accessing funding, low market awareness and a low level of investment in accessible facilities are barriers to growth in the nascent market. Despite high profile success stories there are low levels of Venture Capital investment, probably reflecting the nascent market. Executives from major technology companies also believe that Ireland is at a relative disadvantage in the Immersive Technology Space.

Eirmersive are currently running a series of events around Ireland known as Onward, sponsored by Meta. Eirmersive chairperson, Fiona Kilkelly said, “Onward creates a much needed opportunity for the immersive tech sector to meet new collaborators, gain new insight and information and experience immersive tech products, experiences and solutions. Connecting and sharing is vital at this stage in the immersive tech sector’s growth and we are delighted with the support from Meta which enables Eirmersive to do just that”.

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