Jan Pflueger – Audi AG Centre of Competence

As coordinator of the “Center of Competence for AR&VR” at AUDI AG, Jan is responsible for innovation and activities regarding Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions of the company.

He was an early adaptor of digital technologies for the creative area. The potential of VR was obvious for him, so he started exploring new interaction techniques and developed interaction devices for spatial environments in the field of research.

His long time passion in this field led him to establish the center of competence as a network hub for AR&VR, the place to inspire and influence the XR activities within Audi.

With his private label advisXR he advises startups and supports established companies on their journey through the digital transformation – especially in the field of XR.

In his mission to support an open XR ecosystem Jan establishes strategic partnerships and supports network activities to drive and deliver the future in this area.


Are we on track for enterprise XR?

The maturity of XR has been discussed in a myriad of articles. In my opinion more and more technological solutions are closing the gaps to the everyday use of XR. But how does it look like from an enterprise perspective with a traditional product development process? There is  a big challenge right at the starting point of the XR journey and manifold requirements have to be fulfilled. What can be derived for the development of enterprise applications? In my talk I want to raise some points for discussion.

Speaker: Jan Pflueger
Location: RDS Concert Hall
Time: 10.05am
Topic: Are we on track for enterprise XR?

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