Aileen Carville

Aileen Carville

Aileen Carville is an accomplished and experienced Luxury Fashion industry veteran with over 25 years in senior global Commercial B2B, Retail and PR roles.  In 2022 Aileen founded Asset Haus a middleware WEB3 infrastructure platform between Tech, Data and Workflows to enable Brands and Creators to collaborate at scale. In Sept 2022 Asset Haus premiered the first ever ‘On-Schedule’ London Fashion Week Metaverse Experience producing a complete RTW show and collection installed on Spatial for global Fashion Press and Buyers. Encouraged by the positive industry reaction Aileen created and produced

Fringe Fashion Week Metaverse in February 2023 for a host of ‘On-Schedule’ LFW Designer presentations and Arts and Cultural events including a curated Gen AI Fashion Photography exhibition. Prior to Asset Haus Aileen founded SKMMP Virtual Showroom platform in 2018 pioneering the use of Holograms, AR, 3D asset creation and Data AI. Aileen has deep domain knowledge and relations across Fashion Weeks, Fashion Councils, Luxury and NewGen Brands. She has unparalleled experience as a Fashion Tech founder in digitising brands, generating digital workflows across multiple creation and publishing teams.

In her presentation to ARVR INNOVATE Aileen will discuss the launch of her AR ‘fit model’ holograms at London and Paris Fashion Week and the filtration of AR in the fashion industry across digital products, styling, retail, OOH and consumer experiences.


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