Gary Steven Smith – Welsh Water

Welsh Water's Gary Steven Smith will be appearing at ARVR Innovate 2018

Gary Steven Smith – Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Gary heads a function comprising seven work streams at Dwr Cymru, delivering operational services with a strong focus on asset data management and data exploitation and the application of new and emerging technologies in an industrial context including augmented and virtual reality.

Gary has worked in a wide range of industrial, offshore and service delivery environments and his expertise in Occupational Health and Safety and Risk Management has resulted in him being employed as an expert evidence in the prosecution and defence of businesses and individuals.

Gary presently leads the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water team delivering big data outputs to field based operators using ruggedised and wearable technology utilising both AR, VR and the IoT– “the right information, presented in the right way, in the timely manner at the operator’s point of use with a view to reducing risk and driving efficiency”

Speaker: Gary Steven Smith – Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Location:  Concert Hall
Time:  3.5opm

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