James Watson – Immerse

James Watson – CMO Immerse

James started his career in digital marketing and innovation over 20 years ago working for a travel tech start-up in Sydney. More recently he held the role of Client Services Director at creative technology agency Imagination, developing enterprise VR solutions for brands including Shell, Major League Baseball and Jaguar Land Rover. Currently, James is CMO for Immerse, a technology company focused on creating measurable and scalable immersive VR training for business, built on their secure cloud-based platform. Immerse currently work with Shell, DHL, QinetiQ and GE Healthcare (bio Pic attached below)

Synopsis of Presentation

TITLE: Consumer VR is dead, long live Enterprise VR!

VR has had a number of false starts when it comes to gaining a meaningful foothold in the enterprise sector, but a combination of factors has now catapulted enterprise VR ahead of consumer VR. Previously the lack of use cases that could clearly demonstrate how VR improved business processes was a major barrier to adoption, but this barrier is rapidly disappearing as some of the worlds largest organisations roll out VR solutions.

This talk will look at how the enterprise VR market has developed, how businesses should frame their VR requirements, along with examples of measurable and scalable enterprise VR.

Speaker: James Watson, CMO, Immerse
Location: Concert Hall
Time: 11.35am
Topic: Consumer VR is dead, long live Enterprise VR

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