Pixel Legend

Pixel Legend is building the Virtual and Augmented Reality apps. Originally conceived as visualisation studio for VR and AR we quickly realised the limits and challenges of very high costs of production that our clients had to face.

There is no viable solution on the market to easily allow to create geolocated visualisation indoors and outdoors with desktop importer, cloud storage, collaboration options and viewer apps for latest tech (VR, AR, Magic Leap). We are offering just that.

We are prototyping MVP with Skanska. We have 1000 companies on the waitlist, 30 new signups / day and 15.5k in early sales. Lukas Galasinski, our project Leader in Skanska said – “It allow us to better understand our client’s needs and more efficient sales.”

We’ve scored awards (Galileo Masters, SME Instrument). Mariusz Gad, Marketing Manager in Museum of Krakow where 10 milion tourists show up every year says – “These tools allow us to differentiate from the others.”

We’ve worked for brands such as DHL (opening of the new terminal), Boston Globe and MIT (Boston Globe presentation at Hubweek) and Mies van der Rohe/WAF laureate city of Szczecin (citizens designed their own future vision of the city inside). As DHL put it – “Dream come true. Beautiful production, emotions, tears, delight.”


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