Sarah Jones – Birmingham School of Media

Sarah Jones is one of the global leaders for women within VR and AR. She plays with a range of immersive technology for storytelling and experiential film and has created experiences, shown at festivals across the world. Sarah is a Google Jump Start Creator and has worked on projects supported by a range of companies to develop an approach, she defines as storyliving. In January 2019, Sarah gave evidence to a UK Government Select Committee on the emergence of immersive technologies.

Sarah is the Head of the Birmingham School of Media at Birmingham City University and an Apple Distinguished Educator. She previously worked in television as a news reporter covering everything from Obama’s election campaign to appearing in Sex and the City, the Movie.

Sarah Jones will be appearing at ARVR INNOVATE where she will participate on the ‘Immersive Storytelling in VR’  panel.

Speaker: Sarah Jones
Location: RDS Concert Hall
Time: 3.30pm
Topic: Making Compelling Consumer Immersive Experiences

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