Stella Setyiadi – Octagon Studio

Stella Setyiadi – CMO, Octagon Studio

Stella is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Octagon Studio, an award winning Augmented Reality startup based in Indonesia, Ireland, and United Kingdom. Octagon Studio specialises in producing and delivering Augmented Reality products and solutions with high quality 3D as well as light for mobile and wearable devices. Utilizing these modern technologies, Octagon Studio strives to elevate education system in terms of its engagement, interaction, efficiency, and fun factor.

Having over 5 years of experience in the field of Augmented Reality, her current responsibilities include increasing company brand’s awareness to a global network, developing global marketing strategies, expanding business opportunities and managing sales across the international market. At present, Octagon Studio has distributed its products to over 10 different countries, and we have also been successfully working with some of the biggest retailers in the US and Asia. Her current job takes her places and visits major cities of the world. During her travels, she enjoys meeting new people and taking pictures

Panelist: Stella Setyiadi
Location: RDS Concert Hall
Time:  3.30pm
Topic: Making Compelling Immersive Consumer Experiences

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