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Argo Interactive - ARVR Innovate Startup Zone 2018

Argo Interactive was founded by three brothers, Garrett, Henry and Frank Lynam in 2018. The trio have worked together in the past on a number of commercially successful projects, including as the owners of the Klas Group, a satellite and encryption communications provider – which they sold in 2014 – and more recently with MinFarm, an online farm products retailer based in Sweden. The decision to found Argo Interactive was made because the brothers believe that Mixed Reality technologies have matured to a point where viable products can now be built around them and that a small, agile company with a combined technical and creative skill set was the ideal vehicle with which to exploit this opportunity.

Garrett is Argo’s creative director. A serial entrepreneur, when not running the award winning film production house, ZonerVision, Garrett heads up the health food company, Dr Protein with his wife, Ger.

Look for Argo Interactive in the ARVR Innovate 2018 Startup Zone

Henry coordinates a multinational development team as the CTO of MinFarm and in the past he has been both CEO and CTO of the Klas Group. Henry is the Argo project management lead, as well its sys admin and backend developer.

Frank is founder of the software house, WoollyGerbil Studios. He is also a lecturer in Digital Humanities in Trinity College Dublin. In the past, Frank worked as the head of interactive development for Noho, a digital media content creator, as well as being a product lead with the Klas Group. Frank is Argo’s frontend and UX developer.

Argo Interactive’s mission is to develop innovative and compelling products that leverage the power of Mixed Reality technologies. What marks Argo out from its competitors is its core technical expertise. Their team members have made their names building software and hardware solutions for markets that demand the highest quality. They bring expertise not just in 3D rendering and UX design but also networking, real-time data communications, backend architectures, data infrastructures, project management and best work practices. It is this synthesis of complementary functions that makes Argo Interactive stand out.

Argo’s company strategy is twofold. First, the company creates its own in-house MR product line that addresses challenges within the cultural heritage, tourism and corporate training sectors. In tandem with this, Argo works with clients to create tailored MR solutions.

Argo Interactive, Mixed Reality at ARVR Innovate

The development of VR and AR frameworks and working commercial solutions has accelerated since the arrival of the first mass market VR headsets in the form of the HTC Vive in 2015 and the Oculus Rift in 2016, and the addition of onboard AR support to smartphone devices – ARKit on the Apple IOS product line and Google Android’s ARCore both in 2017. According to a report commissioned by NewGenApps, it is projected that there will be 22.8 million AR glasses shipped by 2022 and that the global market size for MR will surpass $200 billion by 2021. This is an exciting technological space to be working in right now but while there are undoubtedly huge commercial opportunities, Argo Interactive also believes that there remain many obstacles along this path. It is in this challenging but rewarding space that the company sees itself operating successfully in the coming years.

They would love to speak with any business owners interested in working with a team with a proven track record in delivering high-end MR solutions.

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Argo Interactive will be one of the startup companies in ARVR Innovate’s ‘Startup Zone’.  Keeping checking the site for details about some of the other startups to be featured.

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