Startup Zone to feature at ARVR Innovate

ARVR Innovate 2018 - Introducing the Start Up Zone

Over the years, one of the key focuses of ARVR Innovate has always been to champion new augmented reality and virtual reality companies. Setting up a business in a sector that is yet to fully permeate through to the wider public is not easy.  That is why we believe these businesses deserve support and a platform to showcase their ideas, their products and the talent of their personnel and their overarching vision.

Anyone who has attended any of the previous four ARVR Innovate conferences will have witnessed this focus on startups.  We have tried to provide some additional recognition to businesses who are making advances in AR or VR, or to those who have come up with a fantastic new augmented reality or virtual reality feature or application.  ARVR Innovate wants to highlight these companies and to help give them a stage for connecting with their peers across the industry and beyond.

Some of the startups who have participated in ARVR Innovate in the past have said this has benefited them and we hope that trend will continue long into the future.

This year we wanted to take that a step further.  We wanted to provide support to more startup companies than ever before.  We wanted to showcase to all our attendees just how exciting and innovative an augmented reality and virtual reality start up sector there is.

That is why we are very proud to announce that this year’s ARVR Innovate will include a special ‘Startup Zone’.  This is a new feature for our conference and will involve an entire section of our Exhibition Area devoted to startup businesses.

A wide range of different startup businesses from across the AR and VR will have stand spaces in this section, where they will be able to showcase their work and hopefully to connect with new audiences and potentially  make further connections that will aide their business.

The startups in this area will come from far and wide. We are expecting to see businesses from the USA, Russia, Europe, UK and of course Ireland featured in this year’s ‘Startup Zone’.

In addition, the ‘Startup Zone’ will also include another special feature.  10 of the startup businesses will also be invited to make short presentations about their business on the ‘Startup Stage’.  These presentations will allow the businesses to talk about the products they offer, who they are aimed at, how they are delivered, the technology that is used and to provide some background about the people behind them. The presentations will be delivered during the various intervals in the main conference activity – helping to bring greater focuses to these startups.

All of the 10 presentations will also be assessed by special ARVR Innovate judges, who will award the ARVR Innovate Startup Award 2018 at the end of the overall conference.

We are very excited about the ‘Startup Zone’, about the quality of the startups that will be participating and about the presentations that will take place on the ‘Startup Stage’ at this year’s ARVR Innovate.  We hope everyone who attends this year’s event will come away with some additional understand of just how vibrant the startup community is throughout the augmented reality and virtual reality sector.

Over the coming days and weeks ahead of this year’s conference, we will be providing some more information about the various startups involved.

Keep checking for further details.

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