Wikitude Partnership Announced

Wikitude, the world’s leading mobile augmented reality (AR) technology provider has been announced as an official partner to ARVR Innovate 2018.

Wikitude provides a fully in house developed AR technology which is available via its SDK, cloud recognition and studio products, allowing developers and agencies to accomplish their augmented reality objectives. This has seen more than 1 billion installations powered by Wikitude around the world, with approximately 100,000 registered developer accounts and over 20,000 apps depending on Wikitude’s technology.

They were also awarded ‘Best Developer Tool’ in the AWE 2017 Auggies.

All of this has put Wikitude at the cutting edge of delivering innovative augmented reality experiences. Their technology has been used in a range of high profile, recent campaigns. These include the likes of the Marvel Comics and Walmart Black Panther campaign, which saw stores turned into Wakanda via Wikitude’s AR tech.

Wikitude ARVR Innovate Partner 2018 - Black Panther

Another example has been the Franklin Institute’s use of AR to enhance their Terracotta Warrior exhibition in Philadelphia. Rich content was provided across this 16,000 square foot exhibition which included ten of the life size clay warriors and more than 160 artifacts that are approximately 2,200 years old. The objective was to allow museum visitors to visualise more of this content, helping to add to the learning experience.

Wikitude ARVR Innovate 2018 partners Franklin Institute

While there are literally countless examples of the amazing augmented reality experiences made possible due to Wikitude, one more worth highlighting is the way the Wikitude technology has been used by TIME Magazine. To mark former President Barack Obama’s 8 years in the White House, TIME used augmented reality to highlight four ‘turning points’ for his administration, rendering special videos via image recognition.

ARVR Innovate 2018 partner Wikitude - Time Magazine
For more examples of how Wikitude has been successfully used click here>>>

These examples highlight the reach of Wikitude on a global level. No other augmented reality platform has delivered as many mobile/ smartphone/ tablet focused experiences. Wikitude is at the top of the game when it comes to the advancement of AR technology. For that reason ARVR Innovate is delighted to have such a prestigious partner for our conference this year.

As ARVR Innovate Founder Alex Gibson put it, “We are delighted to have Wikitude on board as one of our key partners for this year’s conference. Anyone who has been paying attention to the augmented reality sector can’t help but be impressed by their amazing work.

“There is a reason why they are the world’s leading mobile AR technology provider and that is because they provide brilliant technology. That exceptional functionality has led to more than 100,000 developers using Wikitude’s services and it is why thousands of AR apps are now powered through their SDK.

“The company are AR pioneers and innovators. Anyone at the forefront of the augmented reality sector understands the major contribution made by Wikitude in the promotion and practical engagement of this technology. Wikitude is one of the few companies that can truly claim to be bringing AR to the masses.

“We are honoured to have them involved in ARVR Innovate 2018.”

To learn more about Wikitude, click here


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